NAME: Helen Willing

AGE: 49 years old

PRODUCT: Conformis iUni


LOCATION: HCA London Bridge

YEAR: 2015

I had an arthroscopy in June 2015 which showed I had extensive damage to my knee and I had to have some of my meniscus removed. I was in horrendous pain and was taking Morphine from September 2015. I couldn’t walk very far, driving was awful and even with the pain medication, sleeping was nigh on impossible.

Prior to surgery I found stairs very difficult as well as walking any real distance. My knee was permanently swollen and my thigh muscles had started to waste.

Immediately following surgery I walked with a stick for about two months although towards the end of this time this was as much of an indicator for other people not to bump into me! There is now nothing I cannot. I have taken up cycling and cycled 350 miles in four days during the summer of 2017. It was for the London to Paris bike ride and I was amongst the first in each day with ZERO swelling or pain!

I am 150% satisfied. I have never had any pain or discomfort and it feels no different to my normal knee. I would absolutely recommend Conformis to anyone. Mr McDermott was brilliant throughout my treatment and I am sure that the intensive physio I received really helped.

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