NAME: David Pike

PRODUCT: Conformis iTotal CR and PS



YEAR: 2017

David Pike was experiencing pain going downstairs as well as climbing upstairs and was unable to do certain things on his bike. His love for tennis had been impacted by his knee pain and he had come to accept he needed his knees replaced.

David had the first side done by James Lewis in 2014 and was home the next day. Within two weeks David was walking a mile and after two months it felt just like a normal knee.

“I can’t feel it and it doesn’t click. It is strong going upstairs and I now never think about my knee replacement. I was so impressed with how it went that I didn’t hesitate in coming back for my second side.”

David returned to Goring Hall in 2017 to have his other knee replaced and was again home the day after surgery.

“I can get back to doing some of the things I haven’t done for 10 years. I would recommend it to anyone.”

David is now back to running again as well as cycling and is enjoying being back in the gym getting fit and helping others to get fit.

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